Chapter 8 tween.js


My class is working on chapter 8 and we are having problem with the tween.js. When we put into the code it will not run, when we take it out the images appear, but we cannot move the avatar. We have checked and double check the code. Inspector tell us there is a problem with tween.js but we cannot find the error. Any suggestions

Thank you for your help.

Can you share the code that is causing the trouble? Either use the share option from the menu in 3DE or copy and paste it directly into your reply. The share option is less error prone. If you prefer copy & paste, be sure to paste it between 3 backtick lines:

Explain how your code is misbehaving...

// Paste your code here

Include any more information that you like here...

I’ll have a look as quickly as I can.


I figured this one out. Spelling error. I did not place the underscore in the words.

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