Infinite loop saved

Hello! While typing in a “for” loop, the browser became frozen, preventing me from typing. The trouble is that whenever I refresh the page, the code automatically loads and freezes the browser again.

How can I get out of this loop without losing my work?

Thank you :smile:

Check out the section named “Recovering When 3DE Is Broken” in chapter 2. That covers just this situation :slight_smile:

If you’re still having problems after following those steps, let me know!


Thank you, @chris! That’s a lot simpler than modifying LocalStorage, which is what I did to get out of it. I was stepping in to help my son when his screen froze, and didn’t realize the book addressed exactly this.

Hah! I did the same thing when my son froze his screen–he did it by making a sphere with one million sides. I kinda figured modifying local storage was not a good purpose solution for most people. So we have my son to thank for edit-only mode :grin:

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