My JumpAnimation doesn't work

So, my JumpAnimation won’t play but when i press at the Tree whos shaking my Score
gets up but if i hold Space then the Score goes up EXTREMLY FAST so i can earn at on tree like 1000 Points
My Url:

There is a small typo in your code, but I’m not going to tell you where. Yet :slight_smile:

Make the problem happen again – press Space next to the shaking tree. Then look in the JavaScript console as described in chapter 2. The actual problem is not on the line number shown in the JavaScript console, but it is very close.

If you can’t find the problem, do not worry. Write back here and I will tell you the answer.


P.S. Near the top of the code, you’ll need to change this line:

<script src="sound.js"></script>

To this instead:

<script src="/sounds.js"></script>

So i fixed it i wrote TWEEM instead it should be: TWEEN

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