where is the sounds.js file


1)- Where can I get the source js files… sounds.js, scoreboard.js etc?

2)- Where does chrome save the files to?

3)- TWEEN.update() — Browser complains TWEEN is undefined, but the program runs just fine

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Appendix 2 describes where to find all of the source code. Sounds.js is at: https://github.com/eee-c/Sounds.js. Scoreboard.js is at: https://github.com/eee-c/scoreboard.js.

3DE keeps all projects in browser local storage. When you click SAVE, it updates browser local storage accordingly. If you download individual projects or export all projects, the files are saved in your browser’s downloads folder, which is usually named Downloads in your home directory.

I’d have to see the code to answer the TWEEN problem. Mostly likely it’s a missing <script> tag to import the tween code collection or a misspelling.