Cannot create First Project


I am working on the exercise on pages 2 and 3. I tried on my Dad’s old macbook on Chrome (Yosemite) and when I finish typing the code, the ball does not show up :frowning:
So I tried on my Dad’s iMac on Chrome, and this time, I cannot create a new project. When I click on “New” and type “Shapes”, I cannot target the form field for name (the cursor stays in the code), so I can"t create the Shapes project.
I know you said it can be a frustrating world, but I can’t get the beginning to work when I have followed the instructions and checked everything. What can I do now?


Yikes! So sorry for the troubles. Let’s deal with the problems on the first machine first. Can you copy and paste all of the code (from line 1 to the very bottom) from the project that is not working?

Paste it into a reply in this forum, putting the code between lines with three back ticks (as described here):

// Paste your code here

I’ll have a look at the code and we can figure out what to do next.