Cannot create First Project

I am working on the exercise on pages 2 and 3. I tried on my Dad’s old macbook on Chrome (Yosemite) and when I finish typing the code, the ball does not show up :frowning:
So I tried on my Dad’s iMac on Chrome, and this time, I cannot create a new project. When I click on “New” and type “Shapes”, I cannot target the form field for name (the cursor stays in the code), so I can"t create the Shapes project.
I know you said it can be a frustrating world, but I can’t get the beginning to work when I have followed the instructions and checked everything. What can I do now?

Yikes! So sorry for the troubles. Let’s deal with the problems on the first machine first. Can you copy and paste all of the code (from line 1 to the very bottom) from the project that is not working?

Paste it into a reply in this forum, putting the code between lines with three back ticks (as described here):

// Paste your code here

I’ll have a look at the code and we can figure out what to do next.



Sorry but I seem to have the same problem as Teddy, I have opened the page on a macbook using chrome and I don’t seem to be able to type into the box for the new filename. The text carries on being entered into the code section.

Thank you for any help


That is so strange! Can you click the Save button or click on the template dropdown to change it from “3D starter project”? Does reloading the web page help?

Hi Chris,

Thank you for coming back to me. I have a lot of extensions enabled so I tried disabling them and it works fine so there is clearly a problem on my side. I’ll try reenabling them one by one and see if I can identify the culprit :slight_smile:

Thank you again


OK, I’ve now identified that it is Grammerly ( a spelling and grammer checker extension ) that seems to block it. No idea why but at least anyone else who finds themselves in this pickle might be able to get out of it :slight_smile:

Thanks again Chris

if you want to see the extension page it is here:

Yay! HUGE thanks for tracking that down. I’ve added this as an issue on the 3DE bug tracker. We’ll see if we can figure out how to prevent Grammarly from behaving poorly with 3DE.

Glad you were able to get it working!