Welcome to 3D Game Programming for Kids - READ THIS FIRST :)


I am here to help! Please post any and all questions you have — no matter how big or small they might seem. I almost always answer less than 24 hours after you post.

Here is the link to create a new topic to ask questions.

To help me to respond quickly, please follow three IMPORTANT guidelines for posting:

  1. Try to troubleshoot on your own first
  2. Include a brief description of how your code is misbehaving
  3. Format your code correctly when sharing it here

I am excited to help, so don’t feel like #1 is saying I don’t want your questions (I really love answering them!). But do try to troubleshoot your code using the discussion from Chapter 2 — especially the section about the JavaScript console. Troubleshooting is an important skill for a programmer. But if you can’t figure out the problem or just have a question, ask away :slight_smile:

I can usually figure out the problem, but like #2 says, a brief description of what your code is doing wrong helps.

The forum software here is a little picky. So guideline #3 asks to please use the Share link from the 3DE menu when asking for help. If you prefer to copy & paste your code in the forum, that’s OK too, but be sure to paste it between 3 backtick lines:

Explain how your code is misbehaving...

// Paste your code here

Include any more information that you like here...

Thanks, and happy programming!


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